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Οι τελευταίες δημοσιεύσεις από το http://ojovolador.com


New acro harness: Sol Wasabi 3
Ojovolador.com - EN 01 Δεκ 2015 01:00 πμ
The Brazilian manufacturer launched a new version of their special harness for acro paragliding, based on the experience of Sol team pilots in aerobatic world events. The Wasabi 3 comes with two independent rescue systems.
Paraglider review: Niviuk Artik 4
Ojovolador.com - EN 26 Νοε 2015 01:00 πμ
The EN C model from the Spanish manufacturer is a competitive wing with well-natured reactions that stands out for its climbing abilities, its great performance for cross country flying and an efficient speed system. We tested it exhaustively in a...
Paraglider review: ITV Billy
Ojovolador.com - EN 23 Νοε 2015 01:00 πμ
The first member of the ITV range made with full reflex profiles combines speed, maneuverability and stability to seduce experienced pilots looking to enjoy their leisure and distance flights. We tested it in the air, both foot-launched and on paratrike.
New paraglider: Advance PI2
Ojovolador.com - EN 19 Νοε 2015 01:00 πμ
This new lightweight wing is one of the “most versatile paragliders” available, according to the Swiss manufacturer, since it can be used for thermalling, hike&fly or as a miniwing depending on the weight range used.



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